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Introducing the 4té,
your next RISC OS computer

(we hope!)

He costs just £250 inc VAT, so...
What are you waiting for?

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The 4té is a high performance, low cost, silent computer system. It aims to deliver performance that can rival our top-tier systems such as Titan and TiMachine, for a fraction of the cost.

The computer is aimed as much at new RISC OS users as existing ones - there's something for everyone here. It packs not only cutting edge hardware, but also a generous software bundle to get you going, that would cost as much as the 4té if bought separately. You could even say that the computer comes free with the software!

As you can see from the RISC OS Direct logo on the front of the case, the computer is designed to be the perfect partner for exploring our favourite OS.

Project History

The goal of the 4té project was to deliver a complete, first class computer experience, on a budget. Taking the features that make our other systems (IMX6, Pinebook, TiMachine etc.) stand out, and compacting them down into an affordable system was quite a challenge, and required a completely fresh mind set here at RCI HQ. It is very exciting (if a little scary)!

With that in mind, the 4té is designed with a tough plastic shell, expertly crafted using the latest CAD/production techniques, using environmentally friendly plastic (PLA). This gives the unit a pleasing heft and weight whilst also having attractive curves. Into this we packed some of the latest tech, and enough accessories and expansion to deliver a great experience.

With RISC OS Developments' Direct promotion running to make RISC OS more accessible to new users, we felt that a system that linked in with the videos and social media elements of that project would be a terrific fit. For people of a certain age, it almost harkens back to the BBC Micro era and Micro Live!

We also wanted to ensure that existing RISC OS users would love the 4té too. You'll note hints of the RiscPC in the design language of the chassis, whilst the emphasis on latest hardware and software advancements should excite anyone with a love for RISC OS. Read on to get the techy detail...

About the Hardware

Let's break things up a bit with a few tech-specs:

    * Quad core Broadcom 1.5Ghz Arm® Cortex® A72 CPU (RISC OS only uses a single core, though)
    * Overclock "turbo" options available with extra cooling
    * 2048MB On-board Memory (4GB option, but minimal performance benefit)
    * 64 - 512 GB of high speed solid state / flash storage
    * Dual drive system provides recovery and storage acceleration
    * Up to 4k (3840x2160) HDMI graphics (VGA option available)
    * Powered by RISC OS Direct 5.28+ with over £250 of extra software
    * Includes RCI's super-friendly OS and software upgrade system
    * High speed hardware Gigabit ethernet
    * Between 4 and 7 External USB Sockets (including front and rear), depending on model plus internal expansion
    * High quality HDMI audio (analogue option available)
    * Built in power controls and LED
    * Battery backed real time clock
    * Printed welcome guide, full support, user group/list, VIP download site and more

    * 4té+ available with built in (RISC OS-friendly) Wifi for £75 extra

    * Optional accessories include CD/DVD drive, VGA graphics adapter, wireless keyboard/mouse etc

    * Trade-in upgrades available for existing Pi4 owners

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Let's talk Software

Section coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    * Are updates free of charge?
    Yes, we provide regular updates to both the OS and disc software for the lifetime of the product, and (where practical) beyond. We have special software that makes it super-easy to upgrade your computer's OS in just a few seconds (four clicks, including two to double-click on the upgrade program!). This also lets you roll back to the previous version at any time, if you wish.

    * Can I upgrade my 4té?
    Yes you can, although the number of internal upgrades are somewhat limited. As you've read, we offer RISC OS storage up to 512GB across a twin drive system. Technically you could add more, physical space permitting. There's a free internal USB connection and a secondary graphics output for future expansion. The case has been designed with several easy-to-remove panels should you wish to bring out further ports/expansion.

    The motherboard has GPIO pins which allow various "HAT" expansions to be added (such as Wifi). There is plenty of room (height) internally for these, but we can't predict the physical port access needs of third-party HATs for obvious reason.

    The computer can be disassembled fairly easily - instructions are supplied in the printed manual. Once inside, you can access all main parts, and spares are available for each board and component. However, be aware that whilst storage is upgradable, CPU and memory are fixed.

    * But ultimately, it's just a Pi in a Box, right?
    And with an Intel CPU/chipset, Macs are just PCs in boxes (wink)? You are, of course, correct, but with the extra hardware and software present, with think this is one of the best Boxed Pi(e)s outside of Melton Mowbray (famous for Pork Pies in England)! That, and Cherry Pie from Twin Peaks! (And they don't run RISC OS!)

    * I already own a Pi 4 - can I upgrade to a 4té?
    Yes, we offer up to £65 discount depending upon which parts you already own. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss this.

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