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RISC OS Project N.Ex.T (NVMe) Computers

or "N.Ex.T Boxes" as we affectionately call them

Common Features

All our Project N.Ex.T computers share many common features, so it seems sensible to talk about this first, and then look at the specific models in more detail. All the systems share common core DNA - running RISC OS 5 natively, with high performance NVMe storage options powered by Project N.Ex.T.

    *CPU @ 1.8 to 2.2 Ghz depending on your comfort with overclocking
    *4 GB of system RAM
    *At least 128 GB of storage including high speed NVMe (usually 256GB)
    *HDMI Graphics up to 4K, including support for super-wide displays
    *Multiple USB ports
    *Gigabit ethernet for fast network transfers
    *Optional WiFi
    *RISC OS 5 with Project N.Ex.T NVMe
    *Multi gigabyte bundle of commercial programs and curated freeware
    *Our PiTools/PineTools/4teTools suite of software helps manage your computer
    *Twin drive system allows for backup/recovery and high performance storage
    *RCI support and service ensures our customers are well looked after

Your N.Ex.T Computer from £399

White N.Ex.T Box - 6Kb Designed as the successor to our popular iMX6 computers, the desktop N.Ex.T Box is designed to supersede the earlier system in every way. As the iMX6 surpassed the 10 year old Iyonix, so the N.Ex.T Box surplants its predecessor. Times change, and RISC OS moves on - the iMX6 has done stirling service.

Compared to the iMX6, users should expect to see 2x to 3x the performance in every area - sometimes much more. Starting with the CPU, the clock is normally twice that of the iMX6, and efficiency improvements can often double that. The Iris web browser is massively smoother to use. Memory is faster, storage is typically 3x faster (or more), and even the gigabit networking is roughly twice as fast on average. Graphics benefit from HDMI 2 support, doubling the bandwidth of the HDMI 1.4 port on the iMX6, and allowing 4K graphics at 60 Hz (instead of 30).

As with the iMX6, most of these designs use a standard, internal power supply (robust and replaceable if necessary), and we've developed a hardware control board to manage everything with minimal wiring. The motherboard conforms to standard ITX form factor, giving secure mounting and flexible housing options.

Available in a selection of chassis designs, with varying capabilities such as additional USB ports, SD card readers, CD / DVD drives and additional SSDs, the flexible N.Ex.T Computers will be at home on any desk. We expect most users will have a twin drive system with NVMe and backup storage, but the beauty here is that you can (with our guidance) build the computer of your dreams.

If you’re not sure what to choose, why not start with a basic system with NVMe drive and upgrade with extra features later? Whatever you choose, you can be sure you'll have a superb RISC OS system backed up by RCI’s famous support and service.

We can also offer Linux dual boot options for these computers if required.

Various other case designs are shown below (click for larger pictures):

Silver N.Ex.T - 7 Kb
Black N.Ex.T - 7Kb
Bigger N.Ex.T - 6Kb
Sideways N.Ex,T - 6Kb

mini.pi N.Ex.T from £199

mini.pi N.Ex.T - 6Kb The successor to our popular mini.m iMX6 computer, we waited until Project N.Ex.T was available to launch this miniature powerhouse. The original mini.m offered high speed storage via an eSATA connection. This next-gen machine includes an internal NVMe slot allowing dual-drives in a tiny box. This allows us to retain our gold standard recovery/reliability system by providing both backup and recovery within the tiny machine whilst also offering N.Ex.T gen performance. All at a fantastic price!

Hydra from £599

Hydra - 7Kb Spurred on by one customer’s seemingly simple demand - “I’ll buy if I can run RISC OS and Linux at the same time”, we present the Hydra, capable of not just running two operating systems at once, but SIX of them, each with their own NVMe drive!

Sounds amazing, right? That’s up to 24 cores of ARM goodness, with (potentially) 40+ TB of storage, all in a tiny ITX case! Well, it is real, and it is here. You can access heads from your RISC OS desktop, share files and data between heads, and... well, the sky’s the limit really.

Of course, this isn’t as affordable as the other computers on this page, but it is still cheaper than many previous top-end RISC OS computers, and that’s before taking inflation into account!

With multiple gigabit ethernet interfaces, up to 4k HDMI graphics, multiple USB ports (front and rear) and all the usual trimmings, Hydra might just be the RiscPC successor we’ve always imagined...

Pinebook Pro from £499 - click here for his own page

Pinebook Pro - 12Kb The Pinebook Pro, with its advanced RK3399 ARM® processor may just be the ultimate RISC OS system. The system actually supports not one but three drives - NVMe, eMMC and SD - which can be apportioned for RISC OS or Linux use.

This laptop computer features a 14” 1920x1080 IPS display for great graphics, and an aluminium chassis for durability.

With WiFi set to arrive on RISC OS any day now, and NVMe high speed storage options, the Pinebook Pro is an amazingly well-rounded RISC OS computer, seemingly ticking all the boxes!

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